How to paint concrete floors with two pack waterbased epoxy paint

applying garage floor paint with a rollerNUGARD is water borne – non toxic without hazard and with no “painty odor” during application. No need to shut
down operations while NUGARD is being applied to concrete, timber or masonry surfaces. This is a guide to how to paint a concrete floor with our product.
The application instructions for NUGARD two-pack epoxies are:


  1. Induction Time- Two pack epoxy systems cure by the reaction of the epoxy component and the catalyst when the two components are mixed. It is an exothermic action that generates heat. It is important that the epoxy portion and the catalyst portion be thoroughly mixed and allowed to stand 15 minutes before use to allow the chemical reaction to begin. This induction time will ensure improved application properties and optimum film performance. When NUGARD is spread on the surface, the heat of reaction is dissipated and the “gel time” extended.
  2. Thorough Mixing – Blend the two packs together by pouring Pack A into Pack B into a suitable sized container at a 2:1 ratio and mix thoroughly until homogeneous. If manual stirring is used, be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container frequently to ensure complete blending.
  3. Pot Life – The pot life is the period of working time available when the NUGARD must be applied. The time is dependent on the temperature. At 15 Degrees Celsius the pot life is approximately 2-3 hours. At temperatures below 15 Degrees Celsius the “gel time” is considerably longer, and in temperatures above 15 Degrees Celsius the “gel time” is less.
  4. Curing Time – The rate at which the NUGARD cures depends on the temperature of the surface and the air temperatures. At 15 Degrees Celsius, an overnight cure is adequate for good resistance properties. A period of 7 days is required for maximum performance.
  5. Application – NUGARD is self-sealing – requiring no sealer or undercoat. Thin first coat with 10% Water (that is, 10ml of Water per litre of NUGARD). Apply NUGARD using brush, roller or spray. Allow 4-6 hours before applying the finishing coat of NUGARD to surface. For best results, leave overnight before re-coating.