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6 Litre Nugard Waterbased Epoxy Kit


Our 6L Nugard Waterbased Epoxy Kit will make your garage floor look amazing. It will enhance the value of your house and make it much easier to clean and also look fantastic. Because it is a waterbased epoxy it eliminates the hazards of dealing with strong solvents when applying the coating, no need for breathing equipment in confined spaces like your garage, its also easy to clean up when you have finished and theres no dirty solvents to get rid of when you are done. Its an incredible product as many of our happy customers will attest to, and it will stand up to years of wear and tear.

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Product Description

NUGARD is a new water-based floor coating that out performs regular epoxy and urethane products.

NUGARD is a protective coating for concrete, timber and masonry surfaces in indoor applications and is not recommended for outdoor use.  NUGARD’s water-base allows it to be used in industries where odour and non-tainting is important (e.g. food, beverage, pharmaceutical and textile industries).  We have a large number of examples of Industrial and commercial floors that have stood the test of time.

NUGARD has many benefits:

  • It eliminates the hazard, replacing solvent borne epoxies, urethanes or alkyd enamels
  • It substitutes the hazard, being water based it phases out and replaces solvent based paints
  • It is safe to use and environmentally safe
  • It outperforms, solvent based epoxies and solvent based polyesters
  • It is tough, chip proof and fire resistant

NUGARD is different – it is a water borne two pack coating composition that cross links to produce a monolithic floor treatment in thickness from 1mm to 10mm.  It is durable, washable and abrasion resistant.  It can be cleaned with most industrial cleaning compositions without damage.  NUGARD is the “state of the art” in water based two component coating systems that supercedes regular Epoxies, Urethanes or Polyesters.

Product Technical Specifications

Colour Available in clear and a large range of colours tinted to custom order
Finish NUGARD dries to a gloss finish
Container Size *6 litre Pack – 4 litres Pack A to 2 litres Pack B
Induction Time Allow a 15 minute induction time
Mixing Ratio Mix 2 Parts Pack A to 1 Part Pack B

Pot Life

Once mixed the pot life is 2-3 hours.  Do not mix more than can be used in that time period
Theoretical Coverage Approximate spreading rate is 8-10 square meters per litre per coat
Drying Time Touch dry at 1 hour, recoat at 4-6 hours, when cooler best to leave overnight.  Light traffic within 24 hours.  Allow 7-28 days for a full cure
Thinners NUGARD can be thinned by water
Clean Up Clean up with soap and warm water, if dry use Universal Solvent
Coats 2 coats are recommended

Additional Information

Weight 7 kg

Clear, Special Colour, Tinting White, White